About Diamond Gate Consultancy

We take pride in our successes on projects we have successfully executed and managed to date

At 9keys International our Service and business includes:

  • Company Registration Services
  • Product and Business Marketing
  • Accounting & Book Keeping
  • Business to Business Relationship and Networking
  • Strategic Business Support and Solution (E-Commerce, E-Governance)

Our services and expertise also includes but not limited to the identification and programming of commercially viable projects, with total turnkey and strategic business support and solutions. We take pride in our successes on projects we have successfully executed and managed to date and most importantly, our ability to guarantee returns on investments we drive.


Our ethics and philosophy is to practice sound and solid humanity, morality, care and compassion; being good and fair to our customers and also putting the well-being of our staff first, we strives to do the right thing and to always uphold our integrity at all times. As we believe that strong ethics and good philosophy are the fundamentals and roots on which all long lasting organisation and business are built.


Our Vision is to deliver the most effective and comprehensive services in our business, to meet and deliver our client objectives. And provide informative, appropriate and cost-efficient services to the benefit of our clients.


Our mission is to provide world class range of total Limited company max 3 days to the services we provide, designed to encourage businesses and government to establish business relationship with us. We intend to bring the world closer within reach for all people in terms of investment in other countries and assist government in delivering good governance to the people. We will archive these through the optimum use of our Product and business marketing solutions, Strategic business support and solutions, Accounting & Book Keeping and research, E-governance and E-Commerce, which will multiple cross-linking for maximum exposure, driven by enthusiasm, creativity and personalised services and solutions.


To promote fair, just and equitable labour practice
To render reliable and risk free service to all our clients
To partake in the business that will bring us into the main stream of the economy
To create job opportunity and alleviate poverty and decrease the rate of crime
To make profit thus business sustainability
To be recognized by government and private sector


Dedicate to perform at the agreed and required standard with our clients and offer more than expected in the field of our service and expertise
Accountability in our business and services by offering reliable and efficient service to our clients
Reliability: by always being available to our clients
Responsibility sense with our staffs to our clients
Excellence in good business communication and understanding with our clients
Enthusiasm to work and love what we do in rendering our service to our clients
Ethical business practice by keeping all the promise made to our clients

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