We at 9keys have acquired renowned expertise in assisting and giving your business that edge in the highly competitive and volatile West African market.

Nigeria being Africa’s largest market by size, one of the most profitable and the 2nd largest economy, every major business strives or desires to come into or compete in this market. We ensure your success as we guide you through this seemingly difficult terrain.

In today’s world, many have lost their investments or made that single uninformed critical business decision, which burnt them. We at 9keys aim to always insulate our clients from these human errors by providing timely and up to date business Intel that allows executive management makes the correct decisions. We are specialists in DE risking this and other African business markets.

We provide skilled legal representation, tax and audit specialists and above all highly trained staff to keep your business up to date on the trends, environment, laws and opportunities that may impact on your business.


Having understand the important and potentials in forming business to business relationship and networking. 9keys provide service to businesses across the boarders and countries in forming business relationship or partnership. We conduct all necessary due diligent check or sourcing the right and potential company to form partnership with any interested company in different countries.

preparation of management account

With the ever rising increase of crime and terrorism, knowing you are in safe hands whilst in a foreign environment is ever critical to operational success. Our highly trained team ensures this and covers your stay throughout the duration of your visit.
We provide meet and greet services, secure vehicular transport between locations, electronic surveillance of premises and above all guidance. The security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that a knowledgeable and a trusted company is in charge of your logistics. 9keys and its partners have highly trained and licensed staff and operatives to cover you and provide that needed secure operational environment. Be it physical or electronic our systems are up to date and meet or far exceed that obtainable elsewhere. We take our roles very seriously so you don’t have to.

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Why People Choose Us


Project Management

At 9keys we pride ourselves in our ability to provide total turnkey solution on project management and analyses to both Government and Partnership max 2 days in the following field.


Product and Business Marketing

At 9keys we Building works all channels in promoting our client business, product or service to its target market, we provide plans and strategies in the promotion of business, product and services.


Accounting & Booking Services

We at 9keys have acquired renowned expertise in assisting and giving your business that edge in the highly competitive and volatile West African market.

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